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Our product portfolio is the result of our diversified experience in welding and engineering. Based on the skills and competences needed to meet the evolving demands for industry wide standards, we offer welding solutions for all onshore and offshore activities. With our commitment to excellence we offer the creativity and a willingness to cooperate with our customers in order to meet their expectations.

The range provides a comprehensive line of premium performance welding power sources, filler metals and safety equipment for virtually every welding and cutting process and applications supplying the oil and gas industries upstream and downstream.

Within the offshore and onshore oil and gas pipeline construction projects a special program of industrial MIG (GMAW), TIG (GTAW) and Stick (SMAW) welding equipment provides you with the various European standards for safety and quality.

Our innovative delivery programme is grouped into four major categories:
●  welding power sources;
●  solid wire and covered electrodes;
●  oxy fuel cutting and welding equipment;
●  pipeline equipment.